The Firefighters

Presented by Carrie Morris


Set to audio interviews collected over the past six years, The Firefighters is a contemporary puppet performance illustrating the effects that redlining and disinvestment in Detroit neighborhoods have had on the physical bodies and mental health of its firefighters.

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About the Artist

Carrie Morris is a director and puppeteer who choreographs handmade objects to tell stories. Her works can be large scale (using life-sized elephant puppets) or small scale (alternately, 3” silhouettes), depending on the story being told. The plays she stages with these puppets are well-researched, involve multiple performers and typically designed for adult audiences. In her performances, puppets are representations of bodies whose stories require clarity, urgency and care to transmit.

Originally trained in theater, Carrie is interested in performance that goes beyond the traditional proscenium stage and includes multimedia elements, performing objects, and performance in experimental spaces. With a BFA in directing from NYU and an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Michigan, she is a Fulbright grantee in the field of performance art for multimedia shadow puppetry in Indonesia and a 2018 Kresge Artist Fellow in the field of Live Arts. Her creative work has been seen at the NYC Fringe, the Detroit Institute of Art, Seattle’s Annex Theater, Detroit’s Dlectricity Festival and as a guest artist with the Grand Rapids Symphony. She has been an active member of the Detroit arts ecosystem since 2004 and to date her work has been supported by funding from the Jim Henson Foundation, the Knight Foundation, the NEA and MCACA. She is the director of Carrie Morris Arts Production (CMAP), an intimate performance space and forum for puppetry and theater in Detroit. She has collaborated with several local organizations to make new puppet works, including the Detroit Fire Department, the Bangla School of Music and most recently at the Detroit Zoo in a commissioned residency to create puppet shows about the effects of climate change. She is one of four Detroit puppeteers cast in Basil Twist’s production of Hansel & Gretel, opening April of 2018 at the Michigan Opera Theater.