Freeways and Sidestreets

Presented by The hinterlands


“Freeways and Sidestreets” is a two-day playful performance event taking place along Conant Street (between the Davison Freeway and I-94), at Play House (12657 Moran St.), and online, exploring the myriad of ways this tiny commercial corridor straddling Detroit and Hamtramck ties into and parallels places, communities, and imaginations around the globe.



About the Artist

Liza Bielby and Richard Newman began collaborating as The Hinterlands in 2009. Using an explosive physical training practice and a lengthy research process, we engage an interdisciplinary pool of collaborators to create genre-defying works that explore the possibilities of theatre and lead audiences into the unknown areas of our personal and collective histories with a spirit of play and a sense of humor. Our work ranges from psychedelic Westerns to gleefully obtuse reproductions of radical 60s theatre to border- crossing street festivals, and has been seen across the US and abroad at both visual and performing arts venues including the Flynn Center (Burlington), p! (NYC), the Shanghai Biennale, and the Berlinale. Additionally, we intimately partner with arts-based neighborhood stabilization organization Power House Productions (PHP) to program events that both reflect on and contribute to the unique culture of the diverse neighborhood where we live and work. Additionally, we are artists-in-residents and curators of PHP’s Play House, a two-story house turned performance space where neighbors and visitors intersect at dynamic low-cost and free events ranging from classical Bangla concerts to modern dance to immersive storytelling dinners. In 2015, we curated the Porous Borders Festival, a two-day festival engaging 50 artists, organizations, and small businesses illuminating the municipal and cultural borders between Detroit and Hamtramck. This immersive and playful performance investigation into the Detroit/Hamtramck border work continued with the 2017-8 series Porous Borders: All Over the Map. We are currently working on The Enemy of My Enemy, an iterative series of performance events that use live-streaming technologies to link artists in the US, China, Russia, and Iran in collaboratively created works performed simultaneously in public spaces in the US and abroad.