Please see the list below for all events with required or suggested reservation during Art X Detroit 2015, in chronological order.

After reserving a spot, make sure to arrive at least ten minutes prior to the show, at which point reservations will be released to the public.

Lynne Tillman and the State of Arts and Cultural Criticism


[Reading/Lecture] Novelist, short story writer, cultural critic, and former 2010 KAID panelist Lynne Tillman will read from her book What Would Lynne Tillman Do? and speak on the state of arts and cultural criticism. This reading and lecture will be followed by a Q&A, book signing and reception.

Reservations suggested. Click here to make a reservation.

“Louder Live” with The Howling Diablos & special guest Wayne Kramer

THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 9:15-11:15PM (Detroit Film Theatre)

[Film Screening, Concert] Louder Than Love interlaces Tony D’Annunzio’s award-winning film with incredible live music under the direction of Johnny Evans and Howling Diablos. Attendees will be directed into the Detroit Film Theatre to witness the sights and sounds of “LOUDER LIVE/Jail Guitar Doors – Call to Action,” in which all-star band members of the MC5, Howling Diablos, and Sponge perform live. The evening will culminate with the introduction of special guest Wayne Kramer and Jail Guitar Doors with the help of University of Michigan’s Prison Creative Arts Project.

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“Windbag for Thirty-Six Sets of Lungs”

First Performance: SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 6:30-7:30PM (MOCAD)
Second Performance: SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 6:30-7:30PM (MOCAD)

[Interactive Installation] For two evenings (April 11 and April 25), Ben Hall’s ongoing installation Windbag for Thirty-Six Sets of Lungs will be activated into a performance by 36 supine volunteers whose passive breath will act as a sound generator, interacting in conjunction with a hanging sculptural installation of ferns and disco balls.

Reservations required for performance participants.

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“Discover Jazz” Workshop for Music Students

THURSDAY, APRIL 16th, 12:30-2:00PM (King High School)

[Interactive Student Workshop] Gayelynn McKinney (drums) will host a workshop for music students with Alina Moore (piano), Marion Hayden (bass), and Michelle McKinney (vocals).

Reservations required. Must be a Detroit music student to attend. Click here to make a reservation.

“The Doctor Reddy Experience”

First Screening: FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 8:00-11:00PM (Cinema Detroit)
Second Screening: SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 8:00-11:00PM (Cinema Detroit)

[Film Premiere, Talkback] The Doctor Reddy Experience is a red-carpet celebration of the strange and popular Doctor Reddy, star of the Indo-American short film scene. It features a retrospective of Doctor Reddy films (Doctor Reddy and Doctor Reddy’s Killer App) and the premiere of a brand new short, Doctor Reddy’s Sleep Clinic. In addition, The Doctor Reddy Experience includes a live Bollywood dance performance (from the karaoke biker bar scene in Doctor Reddy) by the actor who plays Doctor Reddy, Haranath Policherla. The event wraps up with an aftertalk by director Diane Cheklich, creator of the Doctor Reddy franchise.

Audience members at The Doctor Reddy Experience will be treated to free popcorn and special Doctor Reddy Art X swag. There will also be an opportunity for Doctor Reddy autographs and photos following the show.

Reservations required.

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“Protea Currency”

First Performance: SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 2:30-3:30PM (WSU Studio Theatre)
Second Perfomance: SATURDAY, APRIL 253, 4:30-5:30PM  (WSU Studio Theatre)

[Mixed-Media Poetry Reading] In Protea Currency, author and founder of InsideOut Literary Arts Project Terry Blackhawk uses the persona of Protea to comment on the passage of time and passages of self. The show presents film, live music, and spoken word connected by and through themes of water, shorelines, and identity. At the end of the show, Blackhawk will be introduced and interviewed.

Reservations required.

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“An Afternoon with David DiChiera and His Works”

SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 4:00-5:30PM (Michigan Opera Theatre, Detroit Opera House – Main Stage)

[Concert] An Afternoon with David DiChiera and His Works is a special presentation of selected pieces from the works of David DiChiera, featuring special guests, musicians and vocalists. The event will be presented with the entire audience seated on the stage of Detroit Opera House, to parallel the intimacy of the works performed. The audience will enjoy an informal afternoon in which to share thoughts about music and enjoy the artistry of some of Dr. DiChiera’s favorite musicians, including pianist Ivan Mostchuk, Angela Theis, and members of the Michigan Opera Theatre orchestra. 

Reservations suggested. Please arrive at least ten minutes prior to the event. Click here to make a reservation.