A. Spencer Barefield


Title: Super String Symphonica: Quantum, Quasar, Music and the Cosmos

Medium: Lecture Demonstration & Music Performance

Year Created: 2011

A. Spencer Barefield – Super String Symphonica: Quantum, Quasar, Music and the Cosmos is a series of compositions inspired by the wonders of our universe from the infinitesimal to the infinite and our ability to explore and define them in order to understand our existence ourselves. As a composer and improvising musician, Barefield has studied and allowed himself to be influenced by the musical linguistics of blues, jazz, classical, folk, pop, rock, African, Eastern and world music. His range of compositional and performance styles span from soulful blues to abstract, angular, odd and mixed meter avant garde, and everything in between. He uses musicians with a variety of skills and backgrounds, including jazz, classical and many more. It is through science, music, art, culture and history that Barefield makes sense of his individual and collective existence and communicates with the world and universe around him. Through the purest form of communication: music, Barefield aspires to be original, honest, and individual in his compositions and improvisations. Barefield’s performance scheduled for Thursday, April 7th, 8:30pm at First Congregational Church will feature top jazz and classical musicians including:

  • Violins: Emmanuelle Boisvert (DSO concertmaster) and Jannina (Barefield) Norpoth
  • Violas: John Madison and James Greer (both play with DSO and MOT)
  • Cellos: Sarah Cleveland and Martin Torch-Ishii
  • Bass: Dave Young
  • Guitars: A. Spencer Barefield
  • Percussion: Djallo Djakate Keita.

The concert will feature a 30-year retrospective of Barefield’s avant garde string music. Barefield’s performance scheduled for Friday, April 8th, 7:00pm at The Detroit Science Center Planetarium will be a multi- media visual and audio journey through the universe with photos, videos, light, sound, music, jazz and discussion exploring the relationships between music and the cosmos.

  • Guitars and narrator, A. Spencer Barefield
  • bass, Dave Young
  • percussion, Djallo Djakate Keita.