“Medicinal Food & Tea Pairing”

Date/Time Event Information
Apr 9th
7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Map & Directions

Interactive Activity

This activity takes place as part of 2013 Kresge Artist Fellow Kate Daughdrill’s From Here to There ongoing exhibition.

From Here to There involves an installation, a series of intimate activities, a publication, and a value-making ceremony. Created in collaboration with Patrick Costello, the installation is the central hub from which the rest of the project grows. Shelves of canned food arranged in a color spectrum surround tables for gathering and sharing in artist-made food and teas. The installation is an immersive space for quiet engagement with a holy water station, a station for letting go, plants, jars of food, herbal medicine, ceremonial objects, and a publication exploring the life and values of Burnside Farm, Daughdrill’s 8-lot urban farm on the east side of Detroit.

During the show, the installation will be activated with a series of intimate activities—a medicinal food and tea pairing, an aromatic encounter, an elixir making experience with students from the Boggs School, and a discussion about food sovereignty and urban farming in Detroit.

For more information on the artist and project, click here.