ART X DETROIT 2015 Visual Arts Exhibition

Date/Time Event Information
Apr 9th - Apr 26th
All Day
Map & Directions

From April 9–26, 2015, MOCAD hosts the 2014 Kresge Eminent Artist, two of the 2014 Kresge Dance/Music Fellows, three of the 2013 Kresge Literary Arts Fellows, and nine of the 2013 Kresge Visual Arts Fellows in an exhibition of their works. This exhibition presents these artists as they arrive at the culmination of their fellowship period, and shows their continuing explorations in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, animation, video, and mixed-media installations. For some, the time as a Fellow has allowed for the creation of new works specifically for exhibition during Art X Detroit 2015. It has also given some Fellows an opportunity to collaborate with other artists, or to explore an altogether new medium for expression.

The Art X Detroit 2015 exhibition at MOCAD brings forth selected works from the collection of 2014 Kresge Eminent Artist Bill Rauhauser, as well as the latest developments in the ongoing artistic careers of the following Kresge Artist Fellows:

Ben Hall (Dance/Music Fellow)
Jeedo (Dance/Music Fellow)
Cary Loren (Literary Arts Fellow)
Peregrine Workshop (Literary Arts Fellow)
Michael Zadoorian (Literary Arts Fellow)
Coco Bruner (Visual Arts Fellow)
Jon Brumit (Visual Arts Fellow)
Jason E. Carter (Visual Arts Fellow)
Kate Daughdrill (Visual Arts Fellow)
Oren Goldenberg (Visual Arts Fellow)
Marie T. Hermann (Visual Arts Fellow)
Charlie O’Geen (Visual Arts Fellow)
Bryant Tillman (Visual Arts Fellow)
Carl Wilson (Visual Arts Fellow)

For details on each project presented as part of the AXD2015 Visual Arts Exhibition, click here.